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Coaching Qualities: What's Your Coaching Superpower?

What do you love to do? What are you great at? What unique traits and experiences do you bring to the table?

These are important questions to consider when you’re thinking about a career as a professional coach. You already have gifts and talents to offer and discovering and developing them will help you make a real impact as a coach.

In this post, we’re sharing seven common coaching attributes to help you see where you already naturally shine and uncover where you can further develop as a masterful coach. While more than one may resonate, see if you resonate with one in particular. This is your coaching superpower!

Once you’ve identified it, enjoy those warm fuzzies! This is something you already do really well and that’s worthy of celebration. Then read on for how you can further refine your gift—so you can use it to help people transform their lives.

Coaching Superpower #1:
Championing Others

You believe in people’s ability to succeed, even when they’re having a hard time believing in themselves. You want to be a steady presence who can listen to and validate what your clients are experiencing, then support them as they move toward self-trust.

This could be your superpower if: People often come to you for a reminder that they have what it takes, knowing you’ll give them encouragement and cheer them on—especially when things get tough.

Coaching Superpower #2:
Being a Great Listener

You are patient and present without judgment or agenda, really hearing what people say to you—both the words themselves and the feelings behind them. You want to create a space where clients can open up, explore, and grow.

This could be your superpower if: People often come to you when they’re struggling with something or simply need to vent. You’re a confidante and people feel seen and acknowledged by you.

Coaching Superpower #3:
Creating a Roadmap for Success

You love planning, creating goals, and identifying a plan for working toward a big vision. You want to help your clients imagine where they’d like to go next and then map out a route, supporting them in navigating any challenges or roadblocks they may encounter along the way.

This could be your superpower if: People turn to you when it’s time to bring a vision to life, knowing you’re great at seeing the big picture as well as the steps along the way.

Coaching Superpower #4:
Practicing Curiosity

You love asking deep questions and seeking to understand things from multiple perspectives. You want to know everything about your clients, from their stories to their hopes and dreams for the future. You want to truly see them—and help them see themselves in a whole new light.

This could be your superpower if: People often turn to you for help digging deep, knowing you can help them get to the thing beneath the thing.

Coaching Superpower #5:
Inspiring People to Act

You’re action-oriented, seeing practical first steps and jumping-in points when looking at big goals and dreams. You want to help your clients get started, take action one step at a time, and stay motivated—while supporting them in working with fears and doubts that arise along the way.

This could be your superpower if: People trust you to hold them accountable for moving forward, knowing you’ll be inspiring and supportive.

Coaching Superpower #6:
Seeing Possibilities (where others may not)

Your rose-colored glasses are a natural part of how you move through the world—you truly see the best in people. You want to help your clients look beneath the surface, tap into the unmapped parts of themselves, and unlock the true potential you know they hold.

This could be your superpower if: People come to you for your optimistic outlook when life feels challenging, knowing you believe most things are possible.

Coaching Superpower #7:
Fostering Safety

You’re a natural caregiver and you understand the importance of establishing trust, setting clear boundaries, and respecting people’s privacy. You want to create a nurturing space where your clients feel safe to take risks, try new things, and put themselves out there.

This could be you if: People feel comfortable in your presence, inherently trusting you with the vulnerable things going on in their lives.

You've Found Your Coaching Superpower! Now What?

Just by being who you are and owning your natural gifts, you’re well on your way to becoming an amazing, one-of-a-kind coach!

But no superhero works alone. They each have a wise, unflappable mentor to support them along the way. Batman had Alfred. Spiderman had Uncle Ben. Jean Grey had Professor X. Wonder Woman had Hippolyta. And coaches need help honing their superpowers and refining their craft.

Why? Because even the most naturally gifted coaches can benefit from an outside perspective, feedback, and accountability. A quality coaching program will help you develop your unique skill set, navigate difficult challenges, and continue to grow and evolve. (Plus, when you train with iPEC, you’ll receive 1-1 coaching from a Mentor Coach as well as a designated Success Coach whose sole goal is to help you create a path to success—however you choose to define it.) 

If you're serious about becoming a world-class coach, investing in your own coach training may be one of the best choices you'll ever make.

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