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iPEC's Coaching Certification Program: Teen Coaching

Gain mastery in the professional skill set of coaching and access specialized training to brand yourself as a Certified Life Coach for Teens

Create a Safe and Confidential Space for Pressured Teens.

So many teens feel insecure, have pressure from all sides, and worry about what others think. As an invested, skilled coach with focused training on parents and teens, you can help adolescents develop the motivation, engagement, and confidence to lead an empowered life.

By earning your CPC (Certified Professional Coach), your ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner), and your COR.E Dynamics Specialist Certification through iPEC’s comprehensive Coach Training Program, you’ll become a masterful coach, trained to coach anyone, on anything, at any time.

In addition, you’ll have access to iPEC’s library of resources to refine your expertise in the area of parents and teens. The specialty library is included in your tuition and comes fully stocked with insights into the common considerations, burning desires, and pressing challenges of this specific audience. You’ll gain wisdom from experienced coaches in this area and become thoroughly equipped to brand yourself as a Certified Life Coach for Teens. 

As you position yourself as a Certified Life Coach for Teens, the specialty library will equip you with the tools and resources to:

  • Fill your practice in one feel swoop by building strategic partnerships with organizations who already serve adolescents.
  • Create synergy among non-profits, investors, the school system, parents, and kids to streamline the process for everyone involved
  • Establish trust quickly and create a common language with teens
  • Recognize typical experiences you’ll have come up when coaching adolescents
  • Administer the exact coaching tools and research-backed systems used consistently with hundreds of kids in the wildly successful Teen Leadership Coaching Program

(Insider tip: As an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, you’ll also have access to specialized training in nine other niche areas, making it easy to thrive and grow in this area of specialization and easily evolve into others as you choose.)

As a Certified Professional Coach with specialized training in parents & teens, you'll help your clients:

Boost Motivation

Relieve Daily Pressures

Sustainably Maximize GPAs

Develop Confidence

Reduce Truancy

Become Happy, Thriving Adults

Hear from Our Students and Coaches

“When you come out of iPEC training, you have a great skill set to impact people in a larger way”

- Denise Clelan, iPEC Graduate


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Supporting Your Success

When you enroll with iPEC, you also get access to numerous business and professional development resources. We want you to succeed so we provide a complete roadmap for developing your new coaching practice, plus the tools you’ll need to build a successful business.

Success Coach

This program gives you the clarity and confidence to move forward once your coach training is complete. It prepares you for coaching successhowever you define itthrough the application of iPEC’s own coaching tools and principles. You’ll benefit from three 30-minute, one-on-one sessions with a dedicated Success Coach, as well as a private forum where you can connect with other students and share your experiences.

Quick Start

To assist with launching your coaching business and getting your first clients, you have the opportunity to participate in the Quick Start program. From choosing a niche, creating your own packages, and setting your prices, to developing your marketing message, networking approach, and website, you’ll learn how to leverage your style and inspire people to take action.

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International Coaching Federation (ICF)
SHRM Recertification Provider Seal 2021
HRCI Approved Provider Seal 2021

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