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2013: The Gift of Presence

As New Year's festivities get underway, how are you envisioning the year ahead? Perhaps you want to learn a new language, start a family, or change your career path.

Before the clock strikes midnight, make yourself one promise for 2013: LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

Living in the moment allows you to enjoy the experience that each moment offers. If you are IN-TO-IT, you will be more able to use your IN-TU-IT-ION because when you are truly present, your senses come alive.

Be in the moment without worrying about what will happen or what has already happened. If you are worried about the future, or thinking about the past, you cannot be present in the moment.

If you try to force something to happen, you deplete your energy. When you are totally focused and living in the moment, all energy is available to you, and you are living closest to your full potential. If you can actively work on this, then the coming year will be one of great abundance and awareness.

Happy New Year!

—Bruce D Schneider, MCC, PhD
Founder, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

(Today's blog is excerpted from iPEC's self-mastery personal development program, The Law of Being.)

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