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The 5 Signs of Change You’re Probably Ignoring

We live in a world of change. We’re always transitioning. We’re always transforming.


Hopefully, we’re doing it consciously by having a system that helps us when the old, undesirable patterns come back or we start to backslide or go in a direction that is not where we want to be. That sustainable performance system is something that’s going to help us understand how to view the setbacks that will occur.

It helps us sort through the static and reminds us that a setback is nothing more than information. It doesn’t mean “I’m less of a person” or “I’m not adequate” or anything like that. It’s just information about whatever it was that I tried. It wasn’t the best way to do this. So, what am I going to change?

That’s part of the system. It’s not just how we view some of those setbacks, but it’s seeing things as that great sign of something we need to pay attention to. It’s having a way to sort through that information which will indicate, “Hey, this isn’t quite working the way that I want it to.”

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