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A Call for Resolve, Not Resolutions

Forgive me, as this post will be a bit longer than usual, but I needed to get some things out.
There's a character in Ayn Rand’s reputed and much discussed work, Atlas Shrugged, named John Galt.  In the first half of the book, characters, out of despair, use John Galt’s name as a reason to give up (meaning only a mythological, made up person like Galt could answer, solve, or fix this situation).  The story reveals that Galt is a real person (“character”) and, ultimately, comes to symbolize the power and potential of the human mind.

Why am I telling you this?  To be honest, I hear a lot of despair and resignation in conversations today.  Whether it’s in the corporate, education, non-profit, health care, or law enforcement communities (or, frankly, in the general life arena too), I often hear people talk about what can’t be changed, what can’t be solved, and how little power they have to change things.

We see a gridlocked political system, a struggling and complex economy, a discouraged and disengaged workforce, and we begin to question what’s possible. These are situations that have been in the making for quite some time. Despite how hard these past few years have been on a great many people, it may prove that this period in time was very much needed.

We needed to question ourselves -- and the process is still going on -- which is why I’m writing this now.  The process is at a critical time.  We are at a time of great choice.  We can continue to despair.  We can be apathetic.  We can even get angry and frustrated, and yell about what “they” have done to this country and the world (whoever “they” is).  We can continue to howl at the moon – but other than possibly providing a much-needed stress release, where's the howling getting you? Us?

So here we are, another New Year has arrived, and with it, possibly, a list of resolutions ready to go.  How many of those resolutions have you seen on your list before (...perhaps even year after year)?

What’s the real purpose behind the resolutions that you’ve made?

For those past resolutions that you may have checked off and accomplished, it was for this reason (and the same reason why the others may still be on your list): you were RESOLUTE.  Let Congress pass resolutions (assuming Congress actually passes anything these days); instead, we need to be resolved.

Resolute (as defined by Webster)
(1)    marked by firm determination
(2)    bold, steady

If you're going to be marked by firm determination, if you're going to be bold, then you're likely driven by a great sense of purpose – a purpose that's aligned with your values, your vision, and a far-reaching, inspiring goal.

When setting your sights this year, consider:

-    What impact do you want to have on your life, career, or business?
-    What impact might you want to have on the lives, careers, or businesses of others?
-    Who do you want to be as you make these impacts?
-    How do you want to infuse what you do with your values and strengths?
-    How do you want to unleash the power and potential of your true capacity?
-    What does this suggest for a big, inspiring, perhaps extraordinarily audacious goal?

And last, consider why this big goal or vision is extremely important to you. What does it say about you and the mark you want to make on your life or in the world?

Don’t just make a resolution; be resolute.

Consider that this year, you're the entrepreneur, musician, artist, creator, innovator, activator, initiator, finisher, leader, and lover.  A resolute fire burns inside us all. Will you let it fuel you to greatness...and beyond?  Or will you let it burn you up?

We – as a community, society, and a country – need you.  It’s time to stop waiting, to come back out, to speak up, to get involved, to take action, to lead.

If you haven’t heard your own inner voice calling for greatness, then here it is.  I’m calling you out – loudly, directly, overtly, and passionately. Will you answer?

Please share your insights and what you're resolved to accomplish, and be, this year.

If this message speaks to you, and puts words to something you’ve felt but haven’t yet said, share it widely.  If nothing else, consider what this means to you and to your life, and how you'll show up in it from this point forward.

Let’s roll.

Live on Fire!

D. Luke Iorio, CPC, PCC, ELI-MP
President & CEO
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

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