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Written by Luke Iorio
Previously published on One Idea Away | October 25, 2019

Why is my life the way it is?

This is a question I’ve pondered at various lows and highs in my life—looking to understand what had brought me to the experiences I was having. 

This question led me to a lot of reading, some seminars and trainings, quite a bit of introspection, my fair share of bewilderment, and thankfully (albeit slowly) to a better understanding.

Phase One: Habits and Behaviors

When I first began investigating this question in my life, it first led me to look at my habits and behaviors. After all, what we do—the way we speak and relate to each other, the way we make decisions, the way we react during stress—has a clear impact on the results we experience in our lives and work. It seemed to me if I changed my habits and behaviors, surely I’d create new circumstances and different results. Well, this path led to incremental changes, most of which didn’t stick. They weren’t sustainable changes . . .

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