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LABELWe've all heard the phrase, “Victim of Circumstance,” right? Believe me, I'm totally sympathetic to anyone who is going through rough times. But, the only way to become a victim is when we allow ourselves to. When troubles befall us, we choose how we respond. Whether it be a physical malady, an economic hardship, or a disconnect in a personal relationship, we make a choice as to how we will proceed.

When I talk about choice, that’s really what it comes down to - ME. In reality, it’s not about anything outside of us and it's not about our circumstances. It’s how we choose to view what is going on. It’s how we choose to interact with what’s going on and whatever has occurred up until now. We have a choice as to what happens from this moment on.

So, what would happen if you shifted your internal conversation? Perhaps it would sound something like, “Okay, if this is just what it is right now, what choices do I have? I can choose to let it consume me. I can choose to try and see it, maybe, from another perspective. I can choose to lean into it in hopes that I get through it quicker.”

Even though it doesn’t necessarily feel like it, there are always more choices available than you may realize. And, here's a little secret...

You may not always make the best choice. That's okay.

When I think about personal transformation, the heart of it is about “becoming” and it’s about “being.” So, by “becoming” you go through this transitional process to be whatever it is that you will be. The “becoming,” however, is the development.

It’s the trying things on.
It’s the practicing.
It’s playing around with things.
It’s, frankly, going through setbacks.
It’s going through some struggles.
It’s going through some challenges.
That’s all part of the “becoming” process.

When have you chosen to face a situation, instead of becoming a "victim of circumstance?" What did it teach you about yourself?

Live on fire!

D. Luke Iorio, CPC, PCC, ELI-MP
President & CEO
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)