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Written by Zette Harbour
Previously published on One Idea Away | April 8, 2019

Your core values are already pushing–either with you or against you. If you’ve experienced pressure, tension, and friction in your career or business it’s because you aren’t taking your core values into consideration.

Imagine a river. You’re in a canoe paddling along. You see a beautiful, inviting spot up ahead on the bank and decide you’re going to land there. You can already see yourself laying out on a blanket under the gentle, sunlit, leafy canopy of the trees. It’s an idyllic spot just waiting for you.

Unfortunately, as you turn your canoe and paddle in the direction of your destination, you can feel the currents working against you. You have to use more force, and still, you’re not really getting much closer. It seems like a mystery because yesterday when you chose a spot to make a landing, you were able to arrive there with ease. What’s different today?

Core Values Are The Currents

This is what it’s like when where you want to go is out of alignment with your core values. Even if you don’t know what they are, they’re driving the conditions of your life. Especially if you don’t know what they are, you’ll find yourself frustrated and confused. As a result, success will remain just out of reach no matter how hard you try . . .

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