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Written by Luke Lorio
Previously published on One Idea Away | May 30, 2019

What I’ve found to be one of the most crippling aspects of burnout is the groundlessness—it seemed like everything I’d stood on for so long was no longer there and I had nothing to hold me up.

When this groundlessness began, I tried to cling and hold on wherever possible. I was holding onto what was, convincing myself that I could put it back together again. At other times I was fiercely holding on to the vision of what was still to come–believing that achieving the next goal would get things back on track.

I fell into the belief trap that some change of circumstance (of scenery, people around me, or focus) would make things alright again—and that whatever pain or stress or loss being grappled with would fade away.

It was the constant struggling, resisting, grasping, holding on, and attempting to control that escalated the exhaustion and frustration. . .

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