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March 26, 2020

In light of our current global state of affairs, many coaches are finding themselves wondering if now is the right time to promote and sell their coaching services.

People are losing their jobs… 

The economy is unstable with signs of worsening... 

Tens of thousands of people are quarantined and the pandemic is spreading... 

How can now possibly be a good time to offer coaching?

I’ll admit, I pondered that too until I was reminded of the importance of the work we do when I received a text from my client, an Executive Leadership Coach, letting me know she landed the 5-figure contract she and I spoke about the other day.

The same contract with a nonprofit organization that she worried wouldn’t hire her because “Now may not be the right time for this nonprofit to spend money.”

The one she was concerned about charging her typical fee for because she didn’t want to “Seem insensitive during these challenging times.”

The same one where the CEO said they were “Excited to get started and relieved to have her help.”

When she and I spoke prior to her meeting with the CEO, she was consumed with concerns about the economy and what people could spend given the current atmosphere. She wasn’t feeling confident in the timing or how she could help.

I could appreciate where she was coming from because there are people who are having a difficult time right now. Yet, I had to remind her, this is also why they wanted to speak with her.

When we examined what the organization most needed at this time, she was right, her typical services weren’t a match. 

As we dove deeper into the current problems the organization was facing because of this crisis and how her experience, knowledge, and unique skills could solve them, it was clear the organization could profoundly benefit from her coaching.

With a renewed sense of confidence, she met with the CEO who said “Yes!” and didn’t blink at her fees.

Through this experience, my client came to understand a few important lessons about selling services in times of crisis, which are helpful to remember if you’re also finding yourself feeling like now isn’t the right time to sell yours:

  1. You only have to offer to help. The decision to accept it or not is up to them.
  2. By understanding your client’s needs and your skills, you can offer the right kind of help at the right time.
  3. Avoid projecting and protecting others from your money stories. 
  4. Holding back on offering services typically has much more to do with a concern about what others may think about you than consideration for them.
  5. Not making an offer to help when someone needs it most doesn’t help them.

At the end of the day, it comes down to remembering that we are in the business of helping people solve problems. If we don’t make offers and our businesses don’t thrive, we won’t be of much help to anyone for long.

And that’s just not why you’re here.

If you’re finding that you’re dancing in your own doubts about selling your services now or feeling it may be wrong or not a good time, then just remind yourself of why you’re here and why you are meant to do the amazing work that you do.