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Laid Off? Between Jobs? Here's Why You'll Never Regret Investing In Yourself During Rough Times

Many of the people I talk to on a daily basis want to enroll in coach training but push it off because of money. Financial concerns are some of the most burdensome limitations we face and they come in many forms:

• I have a kid in college and their loans are going to start piling up. 

• I’m swamped with bills. There’s no wiggle room in my budget. 

• I tried starting a business once but it didn’t work out. Why should I risk that again? I may not be happy where I am but I get a steady paycheck.

• I got laid off or I’m between jobs. I need to hold on to as much of my savings as I can right now.

• If I do this, I’ll probably have to take out a loan . . . is it worth it? What’s the ROI?

• What if I go through this training, spend all this money, and then nobody hires me? 

I understand how it feels to be at financial rock bottom.

When worries like these are holding people back from enrolling, I can relate to where they’re coming from on a personal level. I live in an area that was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. In the wake of the storm, I found myself out of a home, out of a job, and nearly out of hope.

After a year of searching for my next move, something began pulling me toward coaching. My intuition told me that I’d be a great coach but my brain had a hard time computing how I could spend so much money during a time when I had very little coming in. Logically, I thought I’d have to choose between my day-to-day expenses and my future . . . which, of course, kicked up my emotional reaction: “Run away, Theresa! This is a big scary change, and it’s not the right time for it.”

In the end, I fully accepted everything about my situation, exactly as it was. I embraced my intuition, made a logical plan for the finances, and let go of the fear so I could step into the future that I knew was right for me.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Once I made the decision to go for it and set the intention to start a coach training program before the end of the year, every other concern seemed to melt away. I had a purpose and I needed to execute on it . . . so I drove an old car for a long time and went without cable TV—I spent Friday nights with YouTube and a book.

Whenever I talk to a prospective student who says money is their biggest barrier, I share this Leonardo DeCaprio quote that has stuck with me through the years: “Sacrifice a few years of partying for decades of freedom.” Where can you reevaluate your spending? Can you cut back on a few luxuries now so that you can live your ideal life tomorrow? Is money really even the issue? Sometimes we use money as a “good excuse” to avoid stepping outside of our comfort zones.

If you put everything on hold until you feel more financially comfortable, you may never move forward. Car payments, rent, mortgages, college loans . . . these expenses aren’t going away anytime soon. If you keep waiting for the “right” time, you may lose your opportunity entirely. And if money is your cover for playing small, you’ll just find another excuse to take its place. Now is as good a time as any to invest in your future.

If your gut is pulling you to coach training and your only hesitation is the price, iPEC offers flexible options for financing your coach certification. Through our student loan option, payments can be deferred until after Module III of the program. Over 85% of our students have a paying client before they finish the program, which means you can start generating income before your first payment is even due. Schedule a call with an Admissions Coach to discuss options for your specific situation.

About Theresa Horezga, CPC

Theresa Horezga is the iPEC Certified Professional Coach that helps burned out leaders find their passion, discover what’s most important, and take action steps to create the life they (truly) want to live.

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