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HR Professionals Earning More with iPEC Certifications

SHREWSBURY, N.J. – The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), a top-rated, ICF-accredited, international coach training organization, was recently recognized by for their Certified Professional Coach (CPC) certification and how it benefits Human Resource (HR) professionals with their careers and salaries.

iPEC’s Coach Training Program is an all-inclusive curriculum that immerses students in Core Energy Coaching™ through Energy Leadership™ and COR.E Dynamics™. CPC credential, earned upon completion of the Coach Training Program, offers HR professionals transformational skills for the workplace and is an asset to professionals trying to advance in the HR profession.

According to a PayScale report, HR professionals who have the iPEC CPC certification earn 28-percent more pay than counterparts who do not have a certification, with most pay boosts continuing to increase each year. Research showed the value of HR certifications over the past decade to be a growing must-have skillset as being credentialed has “become increasingly valuable to HR professionals from a pay perspective and a career acceleration perspective.

The report also reflected direct benefits in career progression. In entry-level roles, 82-percent of certified professionals report being promoted in the last five years. According to the report, “having an HR certification positively influences an HR pro’s chances of being promoted” as more than 35-percent of HR managers, 50-percent of Vice Presidents of HR, and 50-percent of Chief HR Officers are certified.

A Harvard Business Review and Society for Human Resource Management study showed that CEOs rated talent acquisition as a top challenge. HR professionals are increasingly relied upon to make strategic decisions that impact the wellbeing and performance of the whole company. A previous Dow Jones Customer Intelligence survey revealed that executives are supportive of HR departments investing in certification.

iPEC has successfully led more than 15,000 students to graduation and then on to launch careers as Certified Professional Coaches throughout the workforce.

To read more on the HR Certifications: How they Impact Pay and Career Trajectory 2018 U.S. Edition, visit: For more information about iPEC or to apply for the CPC credentials course, visit

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