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Stuck in limbo?
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Stuck in limbo?

It seems a lot of people, both personally and professionally, are stuck in a little bit of limbo. They are afraid to make a decision to either say a big bold “YES!” or a big bold “NO!” Instead, they stay where they are, always wondering what would happen if… 

Are you experiencing limbo right now? Are you experiencing the stasis of ‘what if’?

Check out this video where I share a bit more on that subject and what really changed my life. 




Check out what getting out of limbo did for others, hear what was holding them back and how breaking free from the power of ‘what if’ changed their lives forever!! - VIDEOS BELOW

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iPEC Graduate Success Stories

Soraiya Vasanji – Coaches individuals going through personal loss / tragedy.


Terry DellaVecchia – Career Change Coach 





Sharon Smith – Executive Coach 


Sheldon Young – Divorce Coach


Nicholas George – Leadership Development Coach


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