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Few things cause as much fear for entrepreneurs than making big, sometimes expensive decisions. This fear can often lead business owners to a state of immobility because they don’t want to make the wrong decision. They alone are responsible for all decisions and outcomes and that can feel pretty terrifying. So how can coaches help their creative and brilliant clients to move on that decision and be confident when doing so?

iPEC’s SCOPE app is the perfect tool for coaches to use with their clients who are entrepreneurs. The app allows a client to take a quick assessment and then get immediate results. With those results, they can see how they are approaching their own decision-making process. If they are trying to make a big move and are doing it from a place of dread or fear, how likely is it that the decision will be a beneficial one? The app indicates the client’s mindset in the moment. Is your client confident and hopeful, or terrified and insecure? Both sides of that coin are great information for both you and your client.

If your client’s results show more fearful or catabolic energy, that’s a great opportunity to do some in-the-moment coaching on what they are afraid of and why they are carrying around that fear. Maybe they’ve tried entrepreneurship in the past and it hasn’t gone well and they are carrying the past into their decision making. Maybe your client is focused on the worst-case scenario and that is dragging their energy down and keeping them from making a conscious, thoughtful decision. 

After your client takes the SCOPE assessment, you have a plethora of information to coach around. 

  • How are they feeling? 
  • What thoughts are leading to your client’s feelings and emotional state? 
  • When else have they felt this way and what was the outcome of any decisions that they made from this state of mind? 
  • What if they could change their mindset? 
  • How would that possibly change the outcome and thus the decision that they make?
  • What if your client could make decisions from a place of calm and confidence? 
  • What would be different for them?

Think of a time when you made a decision from fear and insecurity. How well did that decision go? How well were you able to implement that decision from that same emotional space? 

Now think of a time when you made a decision from calm and confidence. What was different for you? How did that affect the outcome? How easy (or challenging) was it for you to implement your decision? 

Fear around decision making is normal, yet it keeps us from taking healthy and growth-producing risks. Helping ourselves and our clients to realize and then release these fears allows us to move into exciting and creative lives.

When your client is able to make a decision from a calm, thoughtful, fearless space, they will be less attached to the outcome of that decision and more confident that they made the decision to the best of their ability. We can’t always control the outcomes of our decisions; however, if we know that we made them from a place of awareness, we can take comfort that we did the best we could at the time. Also, making decisions from this frame of mind allows us to see that all of our decisions are simply opportunities for growth and learning. 

The SCOPE app allows your client to tap into their brilliance and confidence to make creative and unique decisions for themselves and their businesses. It leads to a calm consciousness that detaches from the outcome but attaches to the brilliance of your client. The assessment brings about awareness of how we typically make decisions, without judgment, and lets us decide if that’s how we want to continue to make decisions in the future. That awareness is ultimately priceless and leads to more confident decision making in the future.

iPEC Coaches–Click here to download the SCOPE Assessment App.