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You might have heard the following: 

You are not your emotions. You have emotions. 

My life used to look very different when I thought I was my emotions. It used to feel more like a rollercoaster, as if I was not in the driver’s seat of my own life. Instead, my emotions took over me—they were in charge of my life, not me. 

Not any longer. 

That does not mean I would be feeling good feelings only. I still have all the emotions I used to—the difference is that I observe them, get curious, and own my emotions. If all feelings are limitless, I want to feel awe, magic, and mystery. ⁣

Typically, we are attached to the same old feelings.

We wake up and we remember the feelings that define us. ⁣

The feelings I used to wake up to, for years, were ones of shame and fear. I would ask myself upon waking up, “What have I done wrong?” I would go about thinking if I maybe said or did something wrong. ⁣

That was exhausting. Until I decided to no longer be addicted to the feelings that did not serve me. ⁣

Still, sometimes I do wake up to the emotions that once felt like home to me. But today, if I catch myself feeling shame or fear, instead of going along with them, I let them be—I observe them, I get curious. ⁣

I hold space for them. ⁣

And then, from that place, I see what wants to come through. Perhaps ease and flow. ⁣Or awe, magic, or mystery. 

See the difference? I am not at their mercy—a huge shift. 

There is something powerful about owning your emotions. Once you own your emotions, you no longer give other people blame for the way you feel. Not even the happy kind of emotions. You know, the kind of emotions that make you say “You make me so happy.” 

Along the same lines, no one has the power to make you feel angry. 

Something triggers you to feel angry. 

Owning your emotions is taking responsibility, radically, over your own emotional baggage.

When I realized that, I felt a sense of lightness; if I was responsible for all my emotions that also meant that I had the power over my own emotions. 

The road to get to that point has not been a simple quick-fix, a freebie I downloaded, or a YouTube video. It has been years of work on myself, self-healing, and everything in between. 

However, what helped me deep dive into my emotions and formulate something tangible to work with was iPEC’s coach training program. Things were no longer blurry and confusing—all of a sudden things started making sense to me. 

Once I learned to observe my emotions, hold space for them, and own them, my life became lighter. 

I did not take life so seriously any longer. 

How did that happen? 

The shift partly happened when I learned to have awareness around the questions of what shows up when I show up. In other words, how is my energy when I show up?

I never really grasped the idea of energy before I started to dive deeper into the magic of energy at iPEC. ⁣⁣

To look deep into how our own energy and the way our mental conditioning affects the way we react to life and what shows up in our life as a consequence is beyond powerful. And not just that but also, to reflect that in the light of what you are and who and what you want to become. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣Coaching allows you to see possibilities that you did not see before—possibilities that might have been there all along—just hidden from you. ⁣

When we operate from a state of fear, worry, or anger, it makes sense that we would not be seeing life the way we do when we live in a state of flow, joy, and unconditional love. ⁣⁣

You literally see your environment changing when you raise your energy and ask yourself “What do you want the world to get when they get you?"

Now that I laugh, it feels different. When I feel angry, I feel different. When I feel happy, I feel different too. 

How would your life change if you sat in the driver’s seat of your emotions and took full responsibility for your own emotional state? 

I wonder how the world would be if we all took full responsibility for our own emotional baggage.

What difference would you see in your life if you got a jumpstart on your coach training, today

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