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When It Comes to Security, Don’t Fool Around
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When It Comes to Security, Don’t Fool Around

On a recent E-Factor call, iPEC founder Bruce D Schneider touched on a very timely topic for those of us who feel impacted by recent changes in the economy.  He talked about how we define security.

Many of us have been taught to look outside of ourselves for security: find a great job, get into a great relationship, save a certain amount for retirement, get a great education, build this or that which will guarantee an outcome now or later. We feel secure when we have those “details” in place. As a result, when certain events change the details, our security can be shaken or even crumble.

Like any value, security is something we can choose to define for ourselves. We can choose to redefine what security means so that we become the source of our own security – instead of basing it on external details over which we have no control. When we are the CAUSE of our security, only we control whether we feel secure. When something else is at the CAUSE of our security, our security is reduced to an EFFECT of that cause.

As iPEC coaches, we have the unique opportunity to redefine security not only for ourselves, but also to support our clients in redefining what that means to them, whether that client is an organization or an individual. Once we help them reframe security such that they see themselves as the CAUSE rather than the EFFECT, they feel empowered, energized, and engaged. This is the shift our world is looking for right now.

Where are you putting your security in the hands of others? How can you reclaim that security and redefine it such that you are the cause? How will you feel when you have accomplished that?

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