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A Coaching Moment: Who Are You Being, Right Now?

Every moment asks you to show up in some way.  Consider, right now, who are you being?  How are you showing up?

In coaching sessions, I regularly hear from clients and students about situations that have them stressed and frustrated.  These situations are holding them back, getting in their way, blocking their options, or just not listening to what they want.  At the moments when you’re really pushing and trying to get ahead and getting the results you’re seeking, who are you being?

Unfortunately, these people and situations, which are “in the way,” didn’t get the memo about getting out of your way and changing to be how you want them to be.  As my very wise, very short, very Italian uncle used to so eloquently say, “Fuggedaboudit!” In fact, in these moments with your clients, the classic, quintessential break-up line is actually true: It’s not them; it’s you!

So I repeat, every moment asks you to show up in some way.  You are energized, engaged, and hopefully resolved to make a big impact this year.  And so are others!  They want to achieve just like you do.  What they want, how they want to show up, and how they want to get things done is up to them.  You can’t change them.  You can change you and what you want, how you show up, how you get things done, and who you want to be, as you’re doing it all is entirely within your control.

Be proactive.  Be intentional. Think about how you want to show up – when things are rolling, when things get bumpy, when things get confusing, and when things get exciting!

And then support yourself with reminders.  I have a client, right now, who set up his smart phone calendar to ask, “Who are being, right now?” at 4 pm, every day.  What routines are you establishing to help you follow through and reinforce how you’ve decided to show up?

Live on Fire!  {… and set a few reminders to keep you on track too!}

D. Luke Iorio, CPC, PCC, ELI-MP
President & CEO
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

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